Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer

(NASM, 2021)

Certified Nutrition Coach

(NASM, 2021)

Weight Loss Specialist

(NASM, 2021)

Yoga Instructor

(Asheville Yoga Center, 2019)

First Aid/CPR/AED: Adult, Child & Baby

(American Red Cross, 2021)

COMING SOON: StrongLifting Level 1

(BC Academy)

As a certified personal trainer with numerous health and fitness certifications, Carly has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. 

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, perform in a StrongLifting competition, build functional strength, improve your health, or build your confidence, Carly is ready to provide the level of support you need, and provides custom programming specifically for you. 

You can also expect continuous conversation and education on basic nutrition. It is crucial to be sure you are properly fueling your workouts, and eating in the correct ranges for your goals. 

Fit & Organized offers a multitude of training options and formats to match your location and preferences. Let's begin!

Service Options

In Person

Carly comes to your home or gym and takes you through your workouts. This option is great if you need the accountability and motivation to get through your workout, or if you are new to working out and want to be sure you are getting you form right. Carly is available to train in person in the greater Asheville area.



We meet via live video and Carly walks you through the exercises and watches your form. You are still getting the same level of accountability and motivation as you get in person. This option is perfect for those who want to work with Carly but might live too far to meet in person.

Program Design Only

You might be simply looking for a professional to design a progressive program specifically for you and your goals. This option might be for you if you are confident working out alone, and don't need a ton of guidance or accountability. Not recommended for those new to exercise. 

Combination Training

Maybe you travel frequently and want to meet in person sometimes, and virtually sometimes. Or maybe you know you can stick to your program, but could benefit from occasional check ins. We can utilize this time to discuss topics such as  nutrition, form, exercise modifications, and other general inquiries.


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Service Areas:

  • Asheville, NC

  • Hickory, NC

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