Client Process

While the work that we do may be very different depending on which services you are utilizing, the client process is the same whether you are getting personal training or professional organizing.


Here is what you can expect working with Fit & Organized:


1 - Contact

You reach out to Carly, whether by email, phone, the chat button on the bottom right hand of your screen, or the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will then reach back out to you as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day to schedule a phone consultation.


Phone: 828-365-8510

2 - Phone Consultation

Usually about 10 minutes long, Carly will call you to get a little bit of information about you and your goals. If we decide to move forward together, we will schedule a time to meet for our initial consultation.

3 - New Client Questionnaire

Once we have scheduled a time to meet, Carly will email you a new client questionnaire, which will help you outline areas that you need assistance. This step is recommended, but not required as Carly understands that you are busy, and simply may not have the time, in which case we will go through it together during our consultation. It is important to know that this questionnaire will be helpful to not just Carly, but you as well, to help you get a more clear view of your goals and a better understanding of what is working, what is not, and to help you verbalize some things you may not have already thought about. Writing things out helps with mental processing, so it can be a great opportunity to mentally prepare for our work.

4 - Initial Consultation

We will meet, taking a few minutes to get to know each other, and discuss your needs and goals a bit further. Depending on which services you are utilizing, Carly will either perform a fitness assessment, or do a walk through of your spaces. We will take the time to develop a plan that will work for you, and select a package based on your needs. Your package payment will take place at this time and then we will schedule our first session!

5 - We Get to Work

For Personal Training: Carly will have designed a workout program for you, and it is time to get to work! If working out virtually or in person, Carly will walk you through your entire workout, from warmup through cooldown, taking the time to ensure your form is correct, and that you are using an appropriate speed and weight for your current level. Some days we may slightly deviate from the plan based on how you are feeling, or we might do extra work in certain places (such as additional stretching / mobility work, or focusing on a specific body part you want to work on). Carly will continue to modify your program as needed, based on your progress, recovery rate, and other miscellaneous factors. We will likely chat about your nutrition while we are working out, or you may decide to use entire sessions to chat about it. Your nutrition is a major aspect of your training, and Carly wants to be sure you are educated on how to be fueling yourself properly, while keeping your original goals in mind.

For Professional Organizing: We will already have discussed how much involvement in the process you want to have. Based on this, Carly will get to work either alone, checking in with you periodically, or work along side of you to get started. Carly moves very quickly working alone, and when working together, speed is often determined by how quickly you are able to make decisions. Carly is comfortable working at any speed that feels best for you, just be sure to communicate! We work one room/space at at time, getting rid of things you don't need, and making spaces for the things you keep.

6 - Maintenance / Post Package Checkup

Once you have decided that the work is complete, we will end our last session and say "See you later!" Carly's goal is to arm you with the tools and education to continue this new lifestyle on your own. Carly will check in within a month to see how things are going and answer any questions you might have. You might decide you want to meet on occasion for "maintenance" sessions. This is a normal and welcomed decision, as it is always helpful to have the professional checking in to be sure things are still progressing/maintaining as they should be. Ask about our referral program as well, as that might be beneficial to you come maintenance time!


Thank You, we will be in touch soon,


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